Welcome at the Ascot Genetics website. Ascot Genetics was founded in 2019 and offers innovative genetic population tests. Our mission is to make science accesible for everyone through our services and educational trainings. Everyday we are delighted helping people all over the world  understand and discover more about their genetic background by using the latest cutting edge technology.  



 Where your ancestors originated from. 

✔ Your male ancestry from Greek Spartan to Mandinka Warrior.

 Your athletic (sport) potential and much more to come.

Why choose Ascot Genetics

✔ Highest standards: our state of the art laboratories apply the latest technological standards.

✔ Security of your data: your data is only accessible via your personal account, data is transmitted encrypted via a secure TLS connection. On your request the data on your personal account will be deleted.

✔ Fastest service: once your kit arrives at our facility, it takes only 2 weeks for the results to be ready.

How it works

✔ Choose your testprovide your delivery details and simply use PayPal, SEPA transfer or iDEAL payment. 

✔ Take your sample from home: provide your (saliva) sample from home following the provided instructions. Ship it back to our facility in the same kit it came in - postage is pre-paid.

✔ Discover: We will send you an e-mail to let you know your comprehensive report(s) are ready in your online account. Log in and find your results.