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Which Athlete Are U - Training Strategy 

"The Which Athlete Are U genetic sports test shows me to be a real endurance athlete and this 100% confirmed my tandem cycling strategy. This strategy made me Olympic and World Champion. The test will be interesting for coaches and junior professional athletes to avoid trial and errors. The results of this test will enable everyone to train according their genetic potential."

Stephen de Vries 
Olympic cycling Champion, Team NL

Paternal Ancestry - A travel back in time

"My Y-Chromosome belongs to the haplogroup G2a and originates from the Iranian Plateau. Locally this was known as Aryana or land of the Aryan. For me this was suspiring as my father is from Portugal. The report shows as well in which countries G2a is currently found. Very interesting to finally discover where I'm from and which Y-chromosome I carry with me."

Dario Armando de Oliveira Marreiros



Paternal Ancestry - Facilitated by advanced sailing and navigational skills, Viking activities spread over northern Europe, Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East. Nowedays some descendants still carry their Y-chromosomes.

“My paternal ancestry result is Haplotype I1 this was surprising as I’m not blonde and have no blue eyes, yet my ancestors are from Scandinavia. I’ve have been adopted and don't know who my real father is. My real mother came from Belgium. She told me that my real father came from the Spanish Basque Country. Now I seem to have Scandinavian ancestors, which is very interesting to know by the way. Now I know where my love for the cold and snow comes from !! The mountains have always attracted me and so has my love for hiking in the mountains. Ikea? Of course but that is for the most people a wonderful thing. I am happy that I did this DNA test and I am still amazed by the outcome. At this very moment I am also doing the sports test and am curious what the result will be. Since I have Viking ancestors, I have to be sporty in one way or another!” 

P. Kreeft